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Lucas Santiago Cardoso

05/25/2023, 6:46 PM
Hello, mates! Me and mt team are new at Dagster and we would appreciate a help: Considering we has a
Transient Layer
on our S3 lake, that receives multiple JSON per day, and we have a job that add some metadata with Pandas and takes to the other layer
Raw Layer
, but still keep it as unitary JSONs per file (same amount of jsons in transient as in raw layer) We want to execute this process once a day (start, loads all new jsons received at transient, add metadata in each json, write each json in raw)... How could we organize the code? Just using op, and make a Job? Should we make it an Asset? Should we use any IOManagement, for loading it (even considering we have multiple files)? Resources for load the data?


05/25/2023, 9:02 PM
hi @Lucas Santiago Cardoso! Here's a quick bit of information on when to use ops vs. assets. I think in your case, assets are a good fit. In terms of how to load/store the data, the most "dagstery" way of doing this would be creating a custom IOManager, which has a
function that knows how to read jsons from s3, and a
function that knows how to write jsons to s3. then, your assets could look something like:
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transient_layer = SourceAsset(

def raw_layer(transient_layer: List[Dict[str, Any]]) -> List[Dict[str, Any]]:
    ... # process the json objects in the transient layer
    return processed_jsons
the actual types you might have here might vary -- it sounds like you might actually want to have a list of lists of dictionaries (one list of dictionaries per file), but the principle is the same -- you can tuck away all the file handling concerns into the IOManager and have your python function for
purely deal with adding metadata. that's not to say there's anything wrong with a resource-based approach, if you find that more natural (this would essentially mean invoking the resource within
to read each file one by one, then invoke it again to write each file). the main downside of that is that it becomes slightly more difficult to unit-test your function, as you'd need to mock out that resource's functionality