Hi Guys. I'm using dagster to replicate some predi...
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Hi Guys. I'm using dagster to replicate some prediction models, so its generated output graphs correlating my variables. I wonder, I'm using stuff like these: "plt.figure(figsize=(18,16)) sns.heatmap(data.corr(numeric_only = True),annot=True) # plt.show() # Save it into a file plt.savefig('notas_portugues/processed_data/correlacao_dos_dados.png')" How can i plot these images inside the dagster? Anyone has any tip or similar code that I can study to do that? Thanks in advance!
hi @Breno Farias da Silva! unfortunately, dagster does not support rendering arbitrary images in the UI. if you're just running locally, then doing something like
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from dagster import PathMetadataValue
def my_chart(context, ...):
    path = 'notas_portugues/processed_data/correlacao_dos_dados.png'
    context.add_output_metadata({"path": PathMetadataValue(f"file://{path}")}
should at least give you a clickable link to open that file in your browser