Hello! I would like to create a partitioned asset ...
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Hello! I would like to create a partitioned asset job (static partitions), but only with a subset of the partitions. This would be the equivalent of selecting some partitions in the UI, but hardcoded in a job definition. But I didn't find it in the docs how to do this, and could't figure it out either. Is it possible to do this without redefining my assets with an alternative partition definition? So basically, I would like to be able to launch always the same subset of partitions without having to manually select them in the UI. Could someone help?
Sounds like you need to use a sensor.
hi @Balázs Dukai ! I think right now your best bet for "grouping" these partitions would indeed just be to redefine your assets with an alternative partitions definition. There's no existing concept of a job that targets only a subset of a larger set of partitions for the asset
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