Hello Dagster - I'm having trouble with software d...
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Hello Dagster - I'm having trouble with software designed assets - while my tests work when I materialize assets in a pipeline - the process fails when I use Dagit - I materialize asset A - but when I try to materialize the downstream asset B - its like the IO manager said it wrote the materialized asset to the indicated path in A - but it couldn't find it there in B.
So I think the issue is we need to switch to an s3 io manager.
Hi Matthew. Would you be able to share an error message and a way to reproduce this? In the logs, it should display what path A was persisted to. When execution of B begins, it should also display the path A is loaded from--do these values match?
Yes - that was the first thing I checked. FYI - switching to s3 pickle io config worked.