Hey <@U01J51Y6B9D>, is there a change the `AutoMat...
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Hey @owen, is there a change the
doesn't work well with
? The asset with partition mapping isn't recognized by the daemon. New partitions aren’t being materialized. It has 2 upstream dependencies, both are mapped with
. The start_date is shifted by 1 day too. All assets are daily partitioned and belong to the same code location.
Hi Daniel. Auto materialize policies should work with time window partition mappings. For time-partitioned assets, only the last partition can be targeted by auto materialize policies for rate limiting purposes. With that time window partition mapping, today's partition in the downstream asset would depend on both partitions for yesterday and today in the upstream asset. Is yesterday's partition backfilled for the two upstream assets? It needs to be materialized in order for today's partition to be materialized in the downstream assets
Yes, all the upstream was backfilled. New partitions for the problematic asset were successfully materialized after I removed the
from it and switched to the
. Still looking into this