Hi everyone, I'm getting this error whenever I ru...
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Hi everyone, I'm getting this error whenever I run any job. It seems to be an internal error in Dagster. Any ideas on how I can resolve it? Maybe some table in the metadata table that Dagster connects to needs to be changed? I am running self-hosted Dagster on Kubernetes 🙂
truncating the table "alembic_version" did the trick but I'm not sure why this was an issue in the first place?
Hi Daniel. That's odd that you're running into this error--this occurs when a migration happened but the migration file no longer exists. Raising the question to the team in case if this rings any bells
Hey Daniel - Is there any chance you upgraded, migrated, then downgraded?
Hey! I only upgraded my helm deployment to update the user-code but did not change the version of Dagster (or the helm chart)