# dagster-feedback

Alex Kan

06/05/2023, 5:27 PM
Hi team! Have some feedback on the new “Materialize All” experience (running Dagster Core
fwiw) • Some of our assets have a large number of partitions (on the order of thousands) • If we wanted to backfill a partition range, previously we could just click and drag over a horizontal bar. This made backfilling large #s of partitions very easy. • Right now that doesn’t seem to be possible with the new experience. Is there a way that we can kick off larger backfills through the UI (without using
dagster cli
)? Would definitely prefer to just click + drag instead of manually clicking a bunch of boxes We plan to move these to dynamic partitions at some point, but they’re currently marked as
and would rather wait


06/05/2023, 10:04 PM
Hey Alex - what kinds of objects do your partitions represent? We still support the range selection for time partitions, but we observed that it usually didn't make sense to have this range selection for static partitions, because they don't have a natural ordering.

Alex Kan

06/05/2023, 11:26 PM
Ah yeah we are using static partitions, not time partitions. In our case they do have a natural ordering as they represent ranges of incrementing integers. I can see why for most static partitions it doesn’t make sense though
We do map these integers back to dates downstream. But we need to use static partitions because we query our upstream data sources by the integer range itself, not by the dates