I'm seeing some super weird stuff with the `dagste...
# dagster-plus
I'm seeing some super weird stuff with the
dagster-cloud workspace update-location...
cli command when I run it in Github Actions vs. locally. We just moved our CI from CircleCI to Github actions, and it seems like no matter what value I use for the
parameter the
dagster-cloud workspace update-location
command will always deploy to our prod deployment when ran from Github Actions. But I can run the same command locally and deploy to the expected deployment. Does anybody have any idea what's going on? Also tried updating the dagster-cloud CLI and it still seems stuck on prod
Hi Zach - can you share the sequence of commands you are using in github? Are you using the new
dagster-cloud ci
I'm basically doing this: • build wheel • build image • deploy image
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dagster-cloud workspace update-location DAE \
            --image $IMAGE_NAME \
            --module-name "etxlib.etxdagster.repo" \
            --deployment dev \
            --commit-hash eb983c6011672832b6a46b60a39983aa77ea3141 \
            --git-url <https://github.com/empiricotx/etxlib> \
            --organization empirico \
            --api-token <api-token>
Doesn't matter what value I use for --deployment. Super weird because the same command works locally, and was working in CircleCI. I just switched over to the github action and that seems to be working now, I guess I can just use that.
Really odd stuff with the
cli though, don't know what to make of it
We'll take a closer look. I believe there may be a subtle issue due to also setting deployment or organization related environment variables. In addition to the api token, do you have other dagster specific env vars in github that were not present in circleci?
Not a whole lot that wasn't in CircleCI - DAGSTER_PROJECT_DIR and DAGSTER_CLOUD_YAML_PATH are the only two dagster-specific ones in gha that weren't in CircleCI
Don't sweat it too much though I've got the dagster action working now
What env vars do you have set? They might take precedence