Hey! I want to re-run an assets partitions (daily)...
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Hey! I want to re-run an assets partitions (daily) for some days. Is there a way to specify that I want them to run starting from oldest. So if there are days of 2023.06.05-2023.06.07 it would run in order of 05=>06=>07. As far as I know that’s not the case now (they can run in random order) Also if forementioned asset has downstream assets then what’s the best way to re-materialize the whole pipeline. So that everything get’s materialized in order (day by day)
hi @siim.sillaots! this is possible with a self partition mapping, which would indicate to dagster that each day's partition depends on the previous day's partition: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/11829