Hi all, I've started exploring Dagster to make use...
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Hi all, I've started exploring Dagster to make use of it in my company to replace some of the process we do in background. I am looking into creating a job that would consist of multiple sequential operations calling into our services. Would
be the right tool for this? When would I be using
? I am only interested in making external calls and passing results from operation to operation. We have a large process that has multiple steps of sequential computation that are right now in the code of our application and I want to place dagster there to get a full picture of the process, understand where things have gone wrong, and save the different runs to be checked. PS: I've read https://docs.dagster.io/guides/dagster/how-assets-relate-to-ops-and-graphs#understanding-how-software-defined-assets-relate-to-ops-and-graphs