Hi guys, just wondering if there is away to stop d...
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Hi guys, just wondering if there is away to stop dagster auto reload code location?
Can you say more about what you mean exactly by "auto reload code location"? What version of dagster are you using?
Hi @daniel , Basically, whenever we put below subprocess run:
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subprocess_log_run(f"git -C {git_repo_path} fetch")
subprocess_log_run(f"git -C {git_repo_path} reset --hard origin/{branch_name}")
subprocess_log_run(f"dbt compile --project-dir {git_repo_path}")
in front of our dbt asset define like attached screenshot, then triggering other pipeline, we will always get error like in attached file.
btw, we are using 1.3.9 and using aws fargate
if you have those functions as side effects when your Dagster code loads, they will run whenever a Dagster run starts and whenever a Dagster op starts in a subprocess - is that what you want?
I think my advice would be to run those commands externally as part of CI/CD when building your dagster image, rather than running them every time your python loads
Got it, thanks a lot!
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