I've got a non-partitioned dbt model table downstr...
# integration-dbt
I've got a non-partitioned dbt model table downstream from a multi-partitioned asset (partitioned by time and static). I've set
on the dbt asset. The asset skips materialisation based on "Waiting on upstream data", even when all partitions are complete on the upstream assets. UI shots below: Am I doing something wrong or is this config not supported for multi-partitions?
hi @scott simpson! my best guess here is that there is some partition of
that is less recent than the newest materialization of
, and that this is the "upstream data" that is being waited for (essentially, there's some new version of a block_numbers partition that has not been incorporated into the downstream) does that seem plausible?
Yes, that makes sense. I changed the partitions def at some point, there may be previous materialisations of
outside of partition window. I'll chase this down, thanks for the lead..