there seems to be a slight bug where the auto mate...
# dagster-feedback
there seems to be a slight bug where the auto materialize list of reasons are OR not AND in some way. I had an asset (B) that is outdated with a freshness policy, and the prior also was outdated (A) but did not have a auto materialization policy, so apparently neither materialized. When i then auto materialized the upstream (A), the downstream (B) also materialized afterwards (which is on purpose i'd argue). however the list of reasons was only the freshness policy, however i'd argue the reason were either due to the upstream, or upstream AND freshness.
i updated the upstream (A) one again, and i got the correct "reason"
wait this also seems wrong: my freshness policy is on 1 hour, not 2 minutes. Maybe i need to update dagster. i am running 1.3.7
We did fix the incorrect freshness info, so yeah an upgrade is recommended. I don’t think we’ve addressed this case where we’re not showing all conditions though