Hi team, when running `dasger instance migrate` it...
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Hi team, when running
dasger instance migrate
it goes over the runs with a chunk_size of 100. Can we increase that number manually? Otherwise it has to iterate over the table with limit 100...
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SELECT runs.run_body, runs.id
FROM runs LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT run_tags.run_id AS tags_run_id
FROM run_tags
WHERE run_tags.key = '.dagster/repository') AS tag_subquery ON runs.run_id = tag_subquery.tags_run_id
WHERE tag_subquery.tags_run_id IS NULL AND runs.id > 3676 ORDER BY runs.id ASC
 LIMIT 100
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otherwise you can send a PR to make it overridable via env var
Yeah, I see the function taked the chunk size as arg, but on call it's not passed so always takes the default 100