Hi everyone, I'm trying to run a job for which one...
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to run a job for which one asset (the first one) was already materialized. Is there a way to skip its rematerialization?
I figured out how to do this in the playground, but I can't seem to get to that screen through the dagit ui. Had to force my way through an URL
maybe I'm using a pretty old version of dagit
I'm a bit puzzled by Dagit in general. I can get to the launchpad from the job tab, but in the launchpad I can only launch one partition at a time... If I hit Materialize All, there is a UI to select multiple partitions, but then there is no way to specify the parameters 😕 Selecting a subset of steps relies as well on a search convention that I found here, but still it would be much nicer to be able to visually select them. Maybe these are all issues related to the way I'm approaching the tool so I would like to hear from the team on how you tackle them 🙂
you can click on the assets to select the ones that you want to materialize.
I tried clicking but unfortunately couldn't select multiple ones. I tried crtl + click and shift + click as well
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@Fabio Picchi you may find that creating jobs for subsets of assets is useful. e.g. this defines a job for materializing all assets, and another job for assets tagged with the "import_raw_data" group:
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all_assets_job = define_asset_job(name="all_assets_job")
raw_data_job = define_asset_job(
    name="raw_data", selection=AssetSelection.groups("import_raw_data")
After you add the jobs to your
you should be able to 'materialize all' a selected job in Dagit
thanks @Combiz Khozoie 🙂