# ask-community

Fabio Picchi

06/23/2023, 11:56 AM
I'm finally getting a grasp on how backfills work (not being an English native speaker, the name sent me in the wrong direction as to understand what it is). From what I can understand, backfills are batched partition runs for partitioned assets and that's exactly what I'm looking for in our setup. However, it seems that I can't parametrize the batch which relies on defaults specified in the job configuration. If I am to do partitioned runs with parameters, then I need to run the partitions one by one even if they have the same parameters set. Is it possible to parametrize backfills or is it not there by design? In addition to it, what is the main difference between a materialization on a partition range and backfills? If there was UI support in the launchpad for a materialization over a partition range, I guess my problem wouldn't exist. Maybe I don't fully understand these concepts, but I also couldn't find a clarification in the docs.