Hi, I’m running dagster using web browser vscode o...
# deployment-kubernetes
Hi, I’m running dagster using web browser vscode on jupyterhub that runs on kubernetes. the flow is, • I have a pod that runs the vscode • I build my docker image with dagit and dagster. • I access to https://golf.omic.link/testbench/user/eldan.hamdani/vscode/proxy/3000/ - got status code 200 • but all
link are in root which is https://golf.omic.link/static/js/main.01fb5b54.js (they should be in https://golf.omic.link/static/js/main.01fb5b54.js (if I run this manually I get a response). how can I fixed it? I tried to add
-l "/testbench/user/eldan.hamdani/vscode/proxy/3000"
to dagit command on the entrypoint but it still not working, any dea?
Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 11.33.31.png
Hi Eldan… I don’t think I’m following the issue you’re hitting with the static resources. Is it that your proxy is not forwarding the path correctly to the dagit webserver?
Hi Eldan, Have you managed to resolve this?