# dagster-feedback

Brendan Jackson

06/28/2023, 8:42 AM
When choosing between single-run/multiple-run materialisation on the GUI, this seems to require the user to be fully aware of what assets support single-run materialisation and which don't. They usually won't unless they're also the developer of the assets (and even then, only if they have an encyclopedic memory of assets and how they are computed). It seems like this fact is the sort of thing that can be included int he
annotation, and the GUI could forbid/allow that option based on the developer code. This would stop e.g. accidentally materialising a set of partitions with a single-run that is not supported (which at best would fail, and at worst would silently complete 'successfully' in a weird way!)
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06/28/2023, 3:09 PM
Hey Brendan, This sounds like a good idea. Hate to be a broken record here but would you mind opening an issue? That’s the best way to get this really on our radar:

Chris Histe

06/28/2023, 3:09 PM
+1 would be nice to be able to disable one or the other

Brendan Jackson

06/28/2023, 3:11 PM
@sean will do. I'll post here so @Chris Histe can contribute thoughts too. You don't sound like a broken record; I prefer to at least make a little bit of discussion before posting an issue, so as to avoid just filling up the issues board with noise.