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remis haroon

06/29/2023, 12:58 PM
(property-analyzer) remisharoon@remiss-MacBook-Pro dagster % dagster project from-example --name pa_dagster --example quickstart_etl Downloading example ‘quickstart_etl’. This may take a while. Success! Created pa_dagster at /Users/remisharoon/lab/property-analyzer/src/dagster/pa_dagster. (property-analyzer) remisharoon@remiss-MacBook-Pro dagster % (property-analyzer) remisharoon@remiss-MacBook-Pro dagster % ls pa_dagster ls: pa_dagster: No such file or directory (property-analyzer) remisharoon@remiss-MacBook-Pro dagster % ls /Users/remisharoon/lab/property-analyzer/src/dagster/pa_dagster ls: /Users/remisharoon/lab/property-analyzer/src/dagster/pa_dagster: No such file or directory where did the folder go??

Tim Castillo

06/29/2023, 1:10 PM
Hi Remis! Sorry that you're encountering this. Looks like something happened in the past day and that is happening to others too. A temporary workaround while we resolve this is to get the folders directly from the repo, either by cloning it or copying the files @sean looks like this is mac repro


06/29/2023, 2:34 PM
Hi Remis, we’ve now fixed this problem and are rolling out another release this morning with the fix.