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Miguel Caballero Pinto

06/29/2023, 2:29 PM
Hi there! I have a job run beign stuck for many hours because the job did not succeeded or failed. This is the error I see on the logs:
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Step person_enrichment_job_input finished without success or failure event. Downstream steps will not execute.
The job have been running successfully for weeks. Any idea how I can get more visibility into what happened?

Brittany Kozura

06/29/2023, 3:38 PM
I ran into this when I was having issues with my logger (a log value was too large for the table column, so it errored out but the job continued to 'run'). Basically something is failing somewhere you can't see here (likely a non-dagster failure since its not logging and ending the run). I had to view in command line to track my issue down from mysql

Miguel Caballero Pinto

07/24/2023, 8:49 AM
Thanks for sharing your experience @Brittany Kozura!