Hi, I am running a small pymc model inside dagster...
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Hi, I am running a small pymc model inside dagster. PyMC uses fastprogress to print out a progress bar and stats during sampling. This is not captured in the dagster logs. Is there a way to display that in the dagit frontend? under the hood they are using fastprogress
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Hi Matthias, we do not support streaming a progress bar from a process atm. While in theory one might be able to use our python logging integration to forward the writes to dagster, I’m pretty sure this would just result in a ton of different log messages like
, `####`…, because a progress bar typically overwrites the same line in terminal during execution, but there is no such concept in dagster logs. In order to support this I think we would need to provide a de novo API and UI element, and I don’t think we’re going to do that in the near term. One alternative might be to use dagster’s python logging integration to write a subset of percentage updates to the log, like “10% complete”, “20% complete”, etc. I don’t know anything about PyMC or fastprogress, but is it possible to configure it to emit such messages?
Thanks, I was misssing all output. The progressbar is not that important. However in my AWS deployment I seem to have a logging configuration in place that captures more logs. So this is fine for me. Thanks