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md wasim reza Mallick

07/04/2023, 8:17 AM
Hi folks, We are building a financial data analytical tool. We have a raw extractor which is running in rust and sinks the data to delta files. Post execution of that we have some dbt models, that transforms the data in some pre aggregating forms. The whole dbt deployments are orchestrated with dagster. Now we are facing some issues, 1. Is there any way we can include the asset graph created by the rust modules in dagster. [Does dagster have any cross language support ?] 2. How dagster handles changes in the dbt model. In the dbt-dagster documentation it mentioned that it maintain the dbt model version and detect the changes around that, but can I get some examples around this ? 3. Dagster maintains the dbt lineages. Is there any api to find it out how the catalog looks like or how the catalog is tied with each other ?
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07/05/2023, 2:21 PM
hey @md wasim reza Mallick i’m reaching out to some other engineers for your dbt questions, but as of now, dagster does not have built in cross language support. You could probably write some functions to look at your rust project and create assets that correspond to the outputs though

md wasim reza Mallick

07/05/2023, 5:10 PM
Thanks @jamie.