Couple of question - 1. How many code locations c...
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Couple of question - 1. How many code locations can be supported by a single dagit? 2. We have OSS setup on GKE Autopilot. We were checking the logs of one of our
pods and we saw the logs from one of the sensors there. I was under the impression that sensors are run on
pod only. Isn't that the case? Also, the sensor triggered while the code reload was happening. Like, it literally triggered mid-way through the definitions load. Once that particular tick was over, the definitions reload resumed. Also, it was just one peculiar sensor that was being run on this pod, other sensors were on daemon pod. Could you please clear the air here?
1. there is currently no enforced limit on the number of code locations 2.
do not run any “user” code directly. So while the daemon is responsible for book keeping and initiating the sensor ticks, running the actual function happens on the code server. The daemon makes a grpc call to the user code server to accomplish this.
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