Hello! We’re deploying OSS dagster and I’m lookin...
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Hello! We’re deploying OSS dagster and I’m looking into options for isolating access to / management of sets of code location deployments. One option is to deploy dedicated dagster instances/stacks for different use cases, and register particular code locations with particlar stacks. Full stacks, fully isolated. Alternatively though, the docs say it’s ok to run multiple instances of Dagit. I’m wondering if it’s a “supported” pattern to run multiple instances of dagit with different workspace.yaml definitions against a shared backend (daemon, db). So those instances can register different code locations, manage and load definitions to a shared backend db, and a single daemon can schedule, etc. Any info here would be appreciated, thank you!
Morning! Does anyone know if it’s supported to deploy multiple dagit instances with different workspace.yaml files, so each instance manages a set of code locations? Thank you!
Hey Jobi - you can’t do this in OSS with a shared backend unfortunately - if you want multiple deployments living on the same storage backend, you’ll either have to roll your own solution, or go with cloud
Figured that would be the case, but had to check. Thanks Chris!
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