I was trying to take a stab at the migration to py...
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I was trying to take a stab at the migration to pythonic resources (see here), but I'm getting a little confused about the best way to deal with the following case: We have quite a lot of existing configuration that is based on pydantic
(the structures here are quite nested and complex). As far as I can tell, dagster
should be very similar to this, and likely based on the same pydantic base classes. Now, I would like to turn few of these top-level configs into dagster resources, but I'm not quite sure how to go about that.
Concrete examples: FercToSqliteSettings is an example that's currently wrapped as a resource here.
So for anything inheriting from basemodel, reasonably sure that you can just inherit instead from
and it will just work. All of the extra resource wrapping / converting to dagster’s config system can just go away. I’m not honestly sure how
works in comparison to
, but I think it’s worth a more generic treatment / discussion so going to open one
@Dagster Bot discussion converting pydantic BaseSettings into pythonic resources
Question in the thread has been surfaced to GitHub Discussions for future discoverability: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/15210