Hi team, I have some questions on ReloadRepository...
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Hi team, I have some questions on ReloadRepositoryLocationMutation graphQL which triggers reload_code_location().
If we have multiple dagit instances, does it matter which instance this got triggered on? Somehow the Dagit instances are not in-sync..
I also observed another weird behavior. We have a custom implementation of CachingRepositoryData, which has a background thread that periodically update _jobs, _sensors etc. However, it seems that without manually invoking this reload_code_location(), the updated jobs and sensors are not reflected to the graphQL layer. Does it mean that ReloadRepositoryLocationMutation syncs graphql layer with the repository?
Each webserver process maintains an in memory copy of the serialized data it fetched from the code server. The
forces the webserver process that receives it to drop its copy and refetch it from the code server.