Hi team, I'm using Bazel to create the oci images ...
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Hi team, I'm using Bazel to create the oci images for dagster code locations using rules_oci. As per the bazel example I need a py_binary target. In other words, I need a entry point for my dagster python projects. I am trying to find answers to below questions. Could someone please help me here ? 1. What happens behind the screens when dagster daemon and dagit interacts with code locations ? How it works ? 2. What is the entry point of the code locations ? If I follow the example project of Dagster there is no entry point i.e. main.py or so called main method, then how dagit or daemon start the execution of the code present in the code location ? 3. Any thoughts around how should I add entry points ( main.py) to quickstart__etl example project ?
The code locations are grpc servers. All of the interactions with it go over grpc. https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/code-locations/workspace-files#running-your-own-grpc-server When setting the grpc server up, you configure it by telling it where to load dagster definitions from (a file, package, module, etc.)
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Could you please provide insights on questions #2 and #3 ? _If we can create an entry point for a quickstart_etl probably I would be able to resolve my issue._