Is there a way for an automaterialization of an as...
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Is there a way for an automaterialization of an asset only to trigger when all of the upstream assets are refreshed and not just one? I have an asser that depends on five upsrtream assets and some of these take way longer to refresh
Hello, I think that an
eager auto materialize policy
will do the job
no. eager starts it when one of the upstream asset is fresh. This results in multiple runs because they finished not at the same time
hi @Matthias Queitsch -- this is not currently possible, but one question is if you see a significant difference between that behavior and a potential alternative behavior of "wait for all upstream in-progress runs to complete". There are scenarios where these would lead to different results, but we've heard users interested in both behaviors. We're actively looking into expanding the scope of options for these policies and this sort of usecase is one of the more popular ones we're looking to support.
I think rthat would have a similar result. My upstream assets are also in one asset group. so maybe when the asset group is mor recent than the downstream asset.