# dagster-feedback


07/31/2023, 6:45 PM
Hi team, how can I log an AssetMaterialization event even if my asset materialization fails. Use case: I trigger a dbt test through the dbt cloud API. The request was successful but the test fails so I don't expect the asset Materialization to show as failed. However, I want to parse the API response and log metadata on how long the run took and whether the test failed or nOT. When I do this I raise a
Dagster Failure
exception so Dagster knows it failed. If I don't log any AssetMaterialization, Dagster doesn't see this as a most recent run because it doesn't find an assetMaterialization event for this (It correctly notices that that run failed though). However, if I do log an AssetMaterialization with metadata, the asset status indicator at the bottom left of the asset dag shows "Materialized" in green whereas the
Latest run
at the top of the job page shows failed. Another thing is even if an asset in a job run fails, downstream assets that are skipped (all show as failed). Is this not confusing or I am missing something?