I’ve implemented a dynamic partition and the logic...
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I’ve implemented a dynamic partition and the logic to allow single-run backfill across the partition-range, and this is all working. However, what was not clear, is how I can signal to dagster when individual partitions of the single run fail. I currently error handle, but once the single run completes, it doesn’t recognize that few of the partitions are missing or failed. Is there a way to indicate to dagster which partitions succeed/fail/missing as part of or after a single-run backfill ?
on a related but additional note, it seems that you are forced to select ‘all partitions’ for the single run backfill, as soon as you filter the partition list or indicate ‘only missing/failed’ the option to trigger a single-run backfill is greyed out. is this behavior intentional?
I found a feature request and thread which gets me at least part of an answer: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/12561
so, I’m wondering, if I adapt similar code and generate a failure event for the missing partitions?
I don’t think we currently have support for this to be honest. Mind filing an issue?