When materializing an asset via `dagster asset mat...
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When materializing an asset via
dagster asset materialize …
is there a way to pass the config parameters? I can do this when running a job via
dagster job execute --config ./my_job_conf.yml …
(as the docs suggest) but the
option doesn’t seem to exist for the
asset materialize
Hi @Ali Cass -- unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this is currently possible, although it seems like it would be possible to update the asset_materialize_command to support this. To be clear, you'd be passing in config that's the same shape as regular job config into the job created to materialize your assets?
Hi Owen, thanks for your response. That is correct - i have my parameters defined in the config file for my job but I want to materialise an asset by itself and use those params. Essentially the same as what you can do in the Dagit UI. When you select an asset to materialse you get a pop up window to provide params in the form of the ops dictionary. So i’m trying to achieve this with the CLI. Perhaps behind the scenes Dagster creates a job with the single asset? I’ll keep looking into it. And i’ll check out your link too as that does look very relevant, cheers.