How do I schedule a group of partitioned assets if...
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How do I schedule a group of partitioned assets if they have the same cadence (i.e., daily) but the
for the
is different per asset (e.g., some features were introduced after others so there's no data for earlier days and I'd rather not execute runs for days when I already know that no data exists). If I try to just select them all and do
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my_job = define_asset_job("my_job", selection=AssetSelection.groups(MY_GROUP))
my_schedule = ScheduleDefinition(job=my_job, cron_schedule="0 0 * * *")
I'm getting the following error:
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dagster._core.errors.DagsterInvalidDefinitionError: Multiple partitioned assets exist in assets job 'my_job'. Selected assets must have the same partitions definitions, but the selected assets have different partitions definitions:
Is there any way to deal with this apart from create one job per asset (which feels like overkill to me)?
Pinging the channel to surface this issue again... Any help would be much appreciated!
Hi, here’s an issue tracking this:
@yuhan Thank you for linking to the issue! I also left a comment there, but what are the suggested guidelines for dealing with such a scenario at the moment? Just create one job/schedule per partitioned asset?