# dagster-cloud

Maria Zentsova

08/07/2023, 4:49 PM
Hi Team, I've registed on Dagster cloud and have a question how to configure serverless version to use our VPC. I saw a calendly link in my environment, but now it's gone. Could you please kindly share it? Thank you.

Sean Lopp

08/07/2023, 7:10 PM
Hey Maria, serverless does not support VPC peering or connections like that at this time. You'd need to supply credentials to connect to your services directly, eg AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID/ AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY Those creds can be set securely as environment variables, and then used by clients (eg boto3) to make a connection to your services over the public internet If this architecture doesn't work for your infosec team, then Dagster Cloud Hybrid is likely a better fit
That said, @Nash Wardy is the primary account point of contact for your team and I think he set up a call w/ yall for tomorrow and we can tackle this question then
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