I there a way to forbid a backfill of a particular...
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I there a way to forbid a backfill of a particular asset, or (even better) define a custom Job for backfilling? I have a daily-partitioned asset. It covers about 7 years of data. Building it requires a bunch of expensive bigquery queries, costing several hundred dollars. I’ve written a Job that can be do the same in one query, but much slower, which I want to use instead of the dagster UI’s backfill. Ideally, I’d like the backfill button to just use my custom Job. This would save thousands of dollars which matters a lot for my small nonprofit.
dagster bot responded by community 1
I think you should still be using the backfill, but choose the “single run for all partitions” instead of “run per partition” option when creating it (don’t remember the exact names). You can then write your asset code in a way which would handle the provided partitions range instead of a single partition.
Oh, this is a pretty good idea, thanks. In practice, it’s going to be quite complicated, since my asset pushes a bunch of that stuff into io managers, while the job does everything in a very unabstracted, imperative way. Is there a way to enforce the “single run for all partitions” for backfills of this asset? Or make it a default?