Hi folks, I'm using Airbyte to capture some data a...
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Hi folks, I'm using Airbyte to capture some data and put it into BigQuery. I've got my Airbyte connections added to Dagster and I see them in the global asset lineage. I have a DBT project which I would like to link with these Airbyte connections. So the tables produced by these Airbyte connections are then used downstream in DBT The example at the link below is centred around creating your own asset in code, though it suggests these downstream assets could be DBT models. How would I do this? Use DBT sources to refer to the Airbyte connections? I'd really like to show that lineage in the graph between them if possible. https://docs.dagster.io/integrations/airbyte#step-3-adding-downstream-assets For what it's worth, the DBT assets have been defined here using the new 1.4 DBT integration
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def dbt_project_dbt_assets(context: OpExecutionContext, dbt: DbtCliResource):
    yield from dbt.cli(["build"], context=context).stream()
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You want your dbt sources to refer to the airbyte connections: https://docs.dagster.io/integrations/dbt/reference#upstream-dependencies. So when you define your asset keys for your dbt sources, you should ensure that they line up with the asset keys create from the airbyte integration
Yep, saw that shortly after I posted and was experimenting. Got the link between the assets in place. Thanks again