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Michel Ebner

08/11/2023, 1:20 PM
Hey there 😄 I changed my Dagster deployment in K8s and run into a problem. I use the user deployment with a GRPC where I switch from
. But now I get an error in the deployment mentioning
cannot import name 'Definitions' from 'dagster'
. The Dagster Version is correct. Should I get back to
or did I do somthing wrong?


08/11/2023, 7:22 PM
which version are you on? the error is an import error which seems to indicate that the dagster version is outdated

Michel Ebner

08/16/2023, 7:17 AM
I am on the newest K8s version 1.4.5. I had to revert my changes to continue working. I took care to update the daemon+webserver and the user deployments as well. I even updated the packages inside the user deployments. The hint with the version is probably the right one but I have no clue where I missed to change the version 🤷