Dagster 1.4.3: The observable source assets, are ...
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Dagster 1.4.3: The observable source assets, are shown as "manually launched" in the runs list. This confused me quite a bit this morning, why someone was running a bunch of jobs manually on our server all night. 😄 Not sure if this is fixed in a newer release
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Hi Casper, Just want to confirm this is a bug-- are you sure no one was manually clicking the “Observe” button?
My team is very hardworking, but i assure you no one is pushing observe every 30 minutes throughout the night.
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cc @owen (does the automaterialize daemon observe source assets now and mark them in this way?)
hi @Casper Weiss Bang! https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/15593 should have resolved this issue, and looks like this was merged in for
(so you're just one release off)
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