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Mycchaka Kleinbort

08/15/2023, 2:36 PM
Is there support for freshness policies on Static Partition assets? Seems like a big gap:
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model_partitions_def = StaticPartitionsDefinition(
    ['GPT-3', 'GPT-4', 'Llama', 'Llama2', 'Orca', 'PaLM']

@asset(group_name='00_Partitioned_Model_Assets', partitions_def = model_partitions_def, freshness_policy=REFRESH_DAILY_AT_5AM)
def current_model_assets(...):
   ... # This is illustrative, but you can imagine that each model is used to perform the same task and later their outputs are ensembled 

# Later when I try and load the project
>>> dagster._check.ParameterCheckError: Invariant violation for parameter freshness_policies_by_key. Description: FreshnessPolicies are currently unsupported for assets with partitions of type <class 'dagster._core.definitions.partition.StaticPartitionsDefinition'>.
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08/15/2023, 8:26 PM
Hi Mycchaka, I see you opened an issue for this and I’ve tagged the relevant eng there-- thanks!