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Hi all. 👋🏻 We’re experimenting with a change to the way we render the asset graph in the UI and would love your feedback. The TL;DR: We’re exploring changing the orientation of the graph from vertical to horizontal. We think this might make large graphs feel more intuitive to explore and navigate. You can learn more about it here. We’ve built an experimental version of this that you can try today by enabling the
Experimental horizontal asset DAGs
feature in your user settings. You can also check out a quick demo as well here. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
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I really love this! I remember trying it out and I notice that for some asset graphs, I'd love to have them render vertically and horizontally for others. It'd be nice to have a config on the job that tells what direction to render the graph. eg.g
graph_direction: 'ltr' or 'ttb'
respectively. Or it could even be
it doesn't matter
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Thanks @Qwame! Making this option configurable is something we are still considering as well but we are leaning towards making the default option horizontal.
I'm in favor of horizontal as default but also some sort of on screen toggle that gets applied only to the current view would be best of both worlds. Also, I can see how the term "up/down stream" may get messy particularly if business users are viewing the DAG but that probably can't be helped
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hey @josh I just noticed a recent change (today?) with the horizontal layout regarding the edges (lines between assets)...personally, I prefer the straight lines than the "curvy" ones. In the example below you can see it's a bit confusing looking while with the straight lines they all overlapped giving a cleaner overall look
Hey @Jason. You're right, we just changed this along with adding a bit more padding between the graph nodes. I was worried that the straight lines were maybe too clean - and that it oversimplified the graph and made it difficult to understand the actual dependencies between assets. Thank you for the feedback and context though since we're still iterating on this.
hmmm, yeah i get your point around oversimplifying the graph; however, hovering over a node does highlight the edges showing dependencies. Perhaps straight lines but with padding as to avoid the overlap of lines? Now that I've gotten a taste of straight lines I don't want to give them up, haha
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