Hi there I'm looking to get started orchestrating ...
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Hi there I'm looking to get started orchestrating my dbt project with dagster. I saw in a recent video the use of the
dagster-dbt project scaffold --project-name
command and was curious how this differs from the ``dbt_assets = dagster_dbt.load_assets_from_dbt_manifest(Path("manifest.json"))` approach? For context I already have a dagster project set up and have subtreed my dbt project called
in my dagster project repo and am trying to find the best path to get started and avoid having to manually define each of our 77 models as an asset.
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it seems like the scaffold command sets up a dagster project within my dbt project?
for context I have my project running in docker and organized like this
I believe the scaffold command is intended to set up a new Dagster project with DBT integration built in. Loading assets from the manifest should get you where you want to be
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Thanks for the direction!