# ask-community

Alex Kan

08/16/2023, 11:41 PM
Posting here because there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated dagster-fivetran channel: • By default (even when passing
will attempt to load every connector in your Fivetran account, instead of only the ones that are selected by the
• If a connector has been created but is not initialized or paused, then Dagster will still try to connect to it to obtain the schema and the connection may fail. • Is there a way that we can attempt connections to only the connectors whose connector_ids are passed to
? Instead of performing the filtering after attempting the connection to all connectors I figure we could call `build_fivetran_assets` on each connector, but statically writing out all of the table names sounds painful. I guess we could get them programmatically via query. But it could also be nice if we could default to all tables