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Tyler Ellison

08/19/2023, 8:09 PM
I setup a code location in Dagster Cloud using DBT Import, new repo, let it build everything out. I can deploy changes to github and it all works great in Dagster Cloud. I just can't figure out how to run it locally for development. I am using the following command: "cd 'C:\Users\kaboo\Documents\Programming Projects\dbt_dagster_demo\' ; dbt parse --target-path target ; cd 'C:\Users\kaboo\Documents\Programming Projects\dbt_dagster_demo\dagster_dbt_scaffold\' ; dagster dev" but get the attached error. It seems to be related to the dbt-project folder that my local environment doesn't have, but cloud is deploying.
No idea if there is a better way to fix what I explained above, however, I was able to resolve it by adjusting the file. Only tested once, so I am assuming this will function going forward. Here was what I changed to make it work both locally and via cloud: