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Stephan Ohm

08/22/2023, 7:16 AM
Hello fellow humanoids, I am trying to setup a dagster cloud account for the first time. I would like to connect it to our github repo and import an existing dbt project. When following the wizard under everything does work up to the step in which dagster wants to create a pull request. If I click on
create pull request
it fails after some seconds. I am shown the error in the attached screenshot. In our github repo there is a new branch without any commits and no pull request. Is the wizard broken or am I missing anything? 😬 I could neither find this error in slack nor in the docs. Best regards, Stephan


08/22/2023, 5:25 PM
Hi Stephan, could you install
and run the following locally in your dbt project directory? What error do you receive?
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dagster-dbt project scaffold --project-name dagster_dbt_scaffold --use-dbt-project-package-data-dir
Just to close the loop on this, the issue was This will be resolved in our release tomorrow.
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Stephan Ohm

08/23/2023, 5:36 AM
Hello rex, thank you very much for your support. I will wait for the new release and retry running the wizard. If that does not work I will try to do the setup locally. In case our issue is not fixed I will come back here.
Just FYI: The error has been fixed & I have been able to create the pull request. TY