Hi, I’m looking to build upon the awesome Auto Mat...
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Hi, I’m looking to build upon the awesome Auto Materializations for dbt projects to things that are downstream from a mart. In our case, we have written a generic
that will trigger a Tableau Refresh for a given report. We do Asset Materialization through yielding a
. We would like to be able to specify that the Tableau Refresh op is dependent on the AssetKey of a mart in our dbt project. Then we would assign an
so Dagster can trigger things automatically without us having to write a pipeline. Perhaps I’ve got lost in the docs but it doesn’t seem clear how this can be done. Any input would be appreciated 🙌
Hi! Have you thought of turning that
into an asset? You can just not return/yield anything at the end of the function. I think it's a fair option for an asset. the asset produced in this case is your tableau extract.
To add on to Tim, once you’ve converted your
into an asset, you can set it as a downstream dependency to your dbt models: https://docs.dagster.io/integrations/dbt/reference#downstream-dependencies
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Thanks, I’ll look into how that can be done thank you box Just a thought off the top of my head, the existing op is used as part of a defined pipeline and we would still like to trigger it as an op in an existing pipeline (graph). Is there a way to convert the asset into an op for that pipeline (from the perspective of code reuse. Can always copy the core code, but would like to avoid if possible)?