Is there an established pattern for automatically ...
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Is there an established pattern for automatically rematerializing assets with a stale code version? or perhaps conditionally rematerialize them if they're an upstream of a materializing asset?
Hi @Joel Olazagasti! there is no established pattern at the moment, but we're currently in the process of updating the AutoMaterializePolicy system to be much more flexible (essentially adding new rules that you can opt into). So at some point in the near-ish future, the pattern would be something along the lines of
. Barring those changes, the main solution would be some sort of custom sensor that compares the code version on the latest materialization event (which you could get from querying the instance) to the one in code.
Understood! I can wait for near-ish future 🙂. Manually resolving it every now and again is workable for the time being. Thanks Owen!