# dagster-plus

Takahiro Tsuboi

08/24/2023, 1:52 AM
Hello, I have a request regarding pricing plan. With the Team plan, I can only deploy to one environment. When I will deploy to multiple environments, I need to create multiple Team plan accounts. I would like to deploy to multiple environments with Team plan. Or, I would like to have the ability to pay by organization and billing account. By the way, we can't use Enterprise plan because it doesn't fit our budget.
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08/24/2023, 9:09 PM
Hi Takahiro, could you share a bit more about the goal of deploying to multiple environments? You do have the capability to create branch deployments in the Team Plan, which folks often use for development (& the main deployment for production)

Takahiro Tsuboi

08/26/2023, 5:05 PM
Hi Ben, I know about branch deployments. It is a very nice feature. But this feature does not support scheduler, sensor, etc. I have multiple environments, including staging, in addition to the production environment and would like to continue ETL on them.