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Nima Rahnemoon

08/24/2023, 10:09 PM
A few questions: 1. I'm getting a heartbeat timeout because I'm creating ~10M static partitions on start-up (take about 30 seconds and the default heartbeat timeout is 20 seconds). I run my dagster with
dagster dev
- is there a way to specify the heartbeat in some config. Maybe
? 2. I have the
in my code repo and I have a
with this section
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module_name = "redacted.redacted"
would it be possible to specify the dagster.yaml path here so I don't have to rely on ensuring the developer copied it into their DAGSTER_HOME dir?
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08/25/2023, 1:59 PM
Hi Nima - i want to make sure we are talking about the same heartbeat, can you share the error message that you're seeing? You can increase the amount of time dagster will wait for your code to load here: That said, I'm not sure its advisable to have a lot of side effects that run whenever your dagster code is loaded, because your definitions are also loaded every time a run starts (and in many cases every time an op starts) - maybe what you're describing could be a separate script that runs before 'dagster dev' runs? for 2 - this is not currently possible, maybe you could have a helper script that the developer runs that sets the env var locally and then runs 'dagster dev'?