Hello! I've been digging around to see if there is...
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Hello! I've been digging around to see if there is a way to programmatically create/update secrets in Dagster Cloud. So far I haven't found anything that makes me think that is possible. The docs say the "best way" is to use the web console, but that appears to be the only way as far as I can tell. Just wondering if there might be a way to do this. I'll share the use case to add some context. As part of my CI pipeline an ephemeral database is created each time CI runs, so the hostname Dagster is interacting with is always different. I was hoping that it might be possible the set hostname as a environment variable using the dagster-cloud cli. I had the
cli in mind as an example:
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aws ssm put-parameter \
    --name "DEV_HOSTNAME" \ 
    --value "new-value" \
    --type "String" \
Here's the answer Sean Lopp put together for me when I asked this question - https://dagster.slack.com/archives/C02LJ7G0LAZ/p1691436065519369?thread_ts=1691423640.143959&cid=C02LJ7G0LAZ
In my case, I think going with
dagster-cloud serverless deploy-docker
and using
flag might be the easiest way to dynamically set environment variables.
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Thanks for the help!