Hi, I have an upstream DBT asset for my airbyte as...
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Hi, I have an upstream DBT asset for my airbyte asset. I have defined the airbyte asset using
. The airbyte connection extracts data from snowflake and outputs a csv file into an azure blob container. The pipeline is working, in that it outputs the file, however the airbyte asset fails with the following error:
op 'airbyte_sync_820ee' did not fire output {bsv}
dagster._core.errors.DagsterStepOutputNotFoundError: Core compute for op "airbyte_sync_820ee" did not return an output for non-optional output "bsv"
Any ideas on how to resolve this? how could I configure this asset to not require an output? Thanks
I have the same error, have you managed to find a workaround ?
Okay found out the root cause : the name of the Airbyte asset does not match the name of the asset generated by Dagster (which maps to the name of the stream). This happens despite the
being passed to
with the name if the target BigQuery table... I have : • A Dagster asset
which is not part of the lineage, but materialize successfully. • Another asset
which is mapped between Airbyte, dbt, and BigQuery using a dbt source with the
argument and passed to the
argument of
If anyone knows what has been done wrong here and how I can merge these two assets I would like to know 🙏
Seems to work fine if the asset is mapped to the stream name, but it does not work if you want your asset to have a different name
Posted a question about almost the same issue. Only I am loading assets using
and can’t find a clear workaround without breaking the lineage