Question about Materializing assets from External ...
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Question about Materializing assets from External Systems: End goal is for people to programmatically run Jobs that can materialize assets via GraphQL APIs Is it possible selectively materialize Assets by invoking a Job with Parameters and each parameter could be an Asset name ? Is it possible to programmatically trigger asset materialization from within a Job ?
Just throwing ideas out there, but maybe you could do this with asset jobs and op-selection when executing the job?
The assets need to be selected GraphQL API call.. since its an external system so it can only interact with Dagster via GraphQL
Yup I understand that part - the
GraphQL endpoint you'd be using to submit a run has a
argument that seems like you might be able to use to indicate what assets in a job you want to run
But I've never tried this via the GraphQL API myself, so it might not work the way it looks like it does
Oh, thanks for that. I will just try it out right now